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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions by our realtor community.

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Keeping our community realtors informed is of utmost importance to us, which is why we developed a frequently asked questions page.

Sections of importance:

Future Condos

Q- What is Future Condos?

Future Condos is an online marketplace that connects new home buyers with real estate agents and developers who are selling pre construction properties before they release it to the mass public.

Future Condos offers new home buyers an easy, relatively stress-free way to buy their new property while saving up to 1%* via FirstAccess® program. Learn more here

Q- How Does Future Condos Gain Access?

We partner with vetted new home builders and developers to seamlessly allow them to manage and sell their inventory more effectually in real-time.

This allows us to negotiate better deals and discounts such as pricing, deposits and other incentives to offer to Future Condos realtors and members.

Q- Is Future Condos a Brokerage?

No, Future Condos is a technology platform, designed to streamline the buying and selling process of pre construction homes, between realtors, buyers and developers.

Titanium Access

Q- What is a Titanium Access?

The Titanium Access allows any agent to sell pre-construction homes without being a platinum. With Future Condos, you can access a large collection of pre-construction homes to sell from while connecting with in-market new home buyers. Learn more about the Titanium Access

Q- How to Qualify for a Titanium Access?

Future Condos aims to provide new home buyers with the best buying experience, from finding the property to analyzing the finances.

This is why we are only accepting realtors who have the following criteria:

  • Real estate experience of at least three years

  • Real estate is your full-time occupation

  • A person who is organized and capable of analyzing locations quickly

  • Strong customer service skills and empathy

  • Can assist a minimum of 5 interested buyers a week

Apply here if you believe you meet the criteria. If you have applied already, we will contact you within 48 - 72 hours.

Please note: due to a large number of applicants we are only interviewing realtors we believe are fit, if you haven't heard from us it means we have not processed your application. Thank you for your patience.

Q- Do I have to Switch My Brokerage?

No, you don't switch your brokerage, you stay at your current brokerage and you process all your deals through your current brokerage.

You may also keep selling resale to your existing or new customers.

The Investor Network

Q- How Large is the Investor Network?

Currently, Future Condos' network has 15,600+ monthly active users who shop for pre-construction deals daily. The figure above change on a quarterly basis.

Q- What is The Quality of The Referrals?

This is a very vague question, this is why we'd like to break it down to:

Financial Qualifications: our investor network have purchased pre construction units before, which allows our technology collects and process certain data to assume the purchasing power.

Interest Level: majority of the network are very familiar with the pre construction buying process, and show a real interest to find and acquire their next unit.

Purchasing Stage: we have purchasers at different stages of their acquisition process. Some investors are at the discovery stage, and some at the diligence and reservation stage.

Q- How Many Referrals Can I Connect With?

You can connect with as many as you want. Even though we recommend our fella realtors to focus on serving the minority than quantity. If you want to connect with 100 a week you can, but we don't recommend it.

We recommend our realtors to connect with 5 - 8 per week max.

Q- Are These Referrals Exclusive to me Only?

Absolutely, when we connect you with a referral, it will only be assigned to you. We believe relationships are built over time. This is why we never cross assign same investor to multiple realtors.

Q- Why are Referral Fees so Low?

We designed this program to support our realtor community and build a better customer experience using our frictionless experience.

Our core revenue model comes from real estate developers and sales agencies not realtors.

Realtor's Commissions

Q- Who Will Pay My Commission?

Your commission will be paid by the developer. For selling pre construction homes you will get higher commission than resale, over a time structure.

For Example:

you sold a $700,000 condo in Toronto. Your Commission is 4%. You will receive 1% on signing and passing the cooling period , 1% in 90 days 1% in 180 days 1% on Occupancy

Q- How Much is the Commission for Pre Construction?

It depends on the project and the developer, usually between 3 - 4%.

Q- Will Future Condos Take a Cut From My Commission?

No, Future Condos does not require agents to split or provide shares from their commission. Since you closed the deal you get to keep the full commission.

We get paid from the developer for the tech and other services rendered.

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