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Future Condos Titanium Program
Future Condos Titanium Program

Learn the benefits of selling pre-construction homes and how to become a Titanium Agent.

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At Future Condos, we are thrilled to introduce you to our Titanium Agent Program, meticulously crafted to empower real estate professionals like you. This program offers exclusive access to pre-construction projects, complete with the essential tools, resources, and a network of vetted new home buyers.

What you'll learn:

Future Condos Inc.

Future Condos inc., is a testament to our position as a cutting-edge, AI-driven real estate company that specializes in pre-construction residential and condominium developments. Our distinct approach, driven by advanced AI algorithms, empowers us to meticulously curate a wide-ranging portfolio of pre-construction properties, while enabling seamless online transactions and generating valuable leads from trusted builders, developers, and potential buyers.

How It Works

Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, Future Condos Inc., precisely curate a diverse portfolio of properties in the pre-construction residential and condominium development sector.

This innovative approach enables us to generate leads from esteemed builders, developers, and sellers, facilitating efficient online transactions.

As a Titanium Agent with Future Condos Inc., you'll be positioned to expedite the sales process by selling pre-construction homes to your existing clientele or connecting directly with our trusted new home buyers on our platform..

Why Sell Pre-Construction?

The demand for pre-construction homes is on the rise, attracting both end users and real estate investors. Currently, this sector stands as the second-largest market in the country, offering appealing affordability and attractive deposit structures, immediate interim occupancy, pre-construction launches, and closings extending into 2027 from recognized builders/developers.

It's important to note that, given the nature of pre-construction sales, closing dates are subject to change Errors and Omissions Excepted (E&OE).

Savvy Virtual Presentation: Buyers can make informed decisions by purchasing from sophisticated floor plans, virtual tours, 3D renderings, and the ability to explore common elements, entrances, amenities, and finishes. This advanced approach eliminates guesswork and allows buyers to base their decisions on crucial factors such as location, builder reputation, amenities, and finishes, all from the convenience of online, real-time transactions. It's essential for the Titanium Agent to exercise due diligence when representing units from reputable builders/developers, as not all details may be available; Errors & Omissions Excepted (E & O.E.).

AI-powered Property Selection: Titanium Agents will utilize advanced AI lead generation algorithms for a streamlined search of pre-construction properties/units. Prospective buyers input specific preferences, including price range, preferred location, and desired amenities such as transit, proximity to schools, shopping, family physicians, and hospitals. Tailoring options like easy access to major highways (401, 407, and Gardiner Expressway) or proximity to sports and entertainment districts can all be customized to suit the buyer's preferences, all from the comfort of their own home.

Seamless with Future Condos Technology: Our advanced platform streamlines the online process of discovering and acquiring condominiums. Buyers can easily choose their unit in real-time through Future Condos Checkout, reducing the necessity for extensive back-and-forth communication. The entire transaction, from selection to verification and payment, can be efficiently managed through our Platform.

Effortless Online Meetings and Connection with In-Market Buyers: Connect effortlessly with in-market buyers actively searching for pre-construction properties in real-time. Future Condos Inc. also offers the convenience of Apple Pay Technology for our potential buyers.

How to Qualify

Future Condos is committed to delivering an optimal buying experience for new home buyers, encompassing property discovery, online purchasing, and financial arrangements with top-tier banks such as RBC, TD Bank, Scotia Bank, and CIBC. To ensure this, we selectively engage realtors who meet the following criteria:

  1. Minimum of three (3) years’ experience.

  2. Full-time commitment as a Titanium Agent.

  3. Valuable experience in Pre-Construction selling.

  4. Previous employment with a major Builder/Developer.

If you meet these criteria, please Apply here and forward your resume. Kindly note that, due to the high volume of applicants, we are exclusively interviewing realtors who align with our specific requirements. Your patience is appreciated, and we thank you in advance.

Commissions Structure:

As a progressive, technology-driven platform, Titanium Agents receive valuable support and resources through our AI lead generation platform. The sale of Pre-construction units will occur on a volume basis throughout the year. Detailed discussions will take place with the Agents selected to join our Titanium Team.

License Transfer to Relokate Brokerage Inc.:

At Relokate Brokerage Inc., an affiliate of Future Condos Inc., we highly value our Agents. Our commitment is to ensure your correct registration in accordance with RECO and the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act 2002 (REBBA 2002) regulations throughout our partnership. It's crucial to note that becoming a Titanium Agent is a straightforward process, involving the signing of a Pre-Construction Independent Contractor Agreement and the transfer of your license to Relokate Brokerage Inc.

We look forward to receiving your resume, if you have any questions, please let our team know.

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