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Future Condos Titanium Program
Future Condos Titanium Program

Learn the benefits of selling pre-construction homes and how to become a Titanium Agent.

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This program offers exclusive access to pre-construction projects, complete with the essential tools, resources, and a network of vetted new home buyers, all designed to supercharge your success. Join us today and open the door to a world of exciting opportunities within our future projects.

What you'll learn:

Difference of Titanium Access

Our Titanium Access program at Future Condos is a testament to our position as a cutting-edge, AI-driven real estate company that specializes in pre-construction residential and condominium developments. Our distinct approach, driven by advanced AI algorithms, empowers us to meticulously curate a wide-ranging portfolio of pre-construction properties, while enabling seamless online transactions and generating valuable leads from trusted builders, developers, and potential buyers.

How It Works

Future Condos harnesses advanced AI algorithms to meticulously curate a diverse portfolio of properties within the pre-construction residential and condominium development sector.

This innovative approach enables us to generate leads from esteemed builders, developers, and sellers, facilitating online transactions.

Not only does this increase efficiency, but it also accelerates the sales process, thanks to our network of Titanium Realtors. As a member of the Future Condos Titanium Access program, you'll be primed to sell pre-construction homes to your existing clientele or connect directly with our trusted new home buyers on our platform.

Why Choose Pre-Construction?

Opportunity for Real Estate Agents: The pre-construction home market is witnessing a remarkable surge in demand, attracting both end users and real estate investors. It currently stands as the second-largest real estate market in the country, offering appealing affordability, attractive deposit structures, and, in some cases, capped mortgage programs.

Savvy Virtual Presentations: Buyers can make informed decisions by exploring sophisticated floor plans, virtual tours, 3D renderings, and the ability to inspect common elements, entrances, amenities, and finishes. This cutting-edge approach eliminates guesswork and empowers buyers to base their decisions on vital factors like location, builder reputation, amenities, and finishes, all from the convenience of real-time online transactions. Agents should exercise due diligence when representing units from reputable builders/developers, as not all details may be available; Errors & Omissions Excepted (E & O.E.).

Agent Benefits Amplified: The Titanium Program provides you with access to advanced AI lead generation algorithms that streamline the search for pre-construction properties/units. Potential buyers can input specific preferences, including price range, desired location, and preferred amenities such as proximity to transit, schools, shopping, healthcare facilities, and major highways. You can tailor the options to meet the buyer's preferences effortlessly, all from the comfort of their home or your office.

Seamless with Future Condos Technology: Our cutting-edge platform streamlines the online process of discovering and acquiring condominiums. Buyers have the convenience of selecting their units in real-time through Future Condos Checkout, reducing the necessity for prolonged back-and-forth communication. The entire transaction, from unit selection to verification and payment, can be efficiently managed through your personalized link.

Effortless Online Meetings: Connect with in-market buyers actively searching for pre-construction properties in real-time, without the complexity of extensive marketing campaigns. In just a few clicks, you can set up your profile and reach thousands of potential home buyers on Future Condos

Qualification Requirements

At Future Condos, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional buying experience for new home buyers. Therefore, it's imperative that our Titanium Agents fully comprehend their responsibilities when dealing with potential clients and buyers.

Titanium Agents should possess the capability to assist in every aspect of the real estate journey, including property discovery, in-depth research encompassing market demographics, competitive assessments, and the identification of market trends.

This research is pivotal for effective sales and plays a crucial role when engaging with potential clients and buyers, enabling the delivery of well-informed recommendations for strategic market positioning within our online platform.

To ensure this, we require realtors to meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum of three years of real estate experience

  • Full-time dedication to the real estate profession

  • Strong organizational skills and efficient location analysis

  • Exceptional customer service skills and empathy

  • Ability to assist a minimum of five interested buyers per week

Apply here If you meet these criteria, we invite you to apply here. If you've already applied, expect to hear from us within 2 – 3 business days. Please note that due to the high volume of applicants, we are currently interviewing realtors who align with our requirements. We appreciate your patience.

Please note: due to a large number of applicants we are only interviewing realtors we believe are fit, if you haven't heard from us it means we have not processed your application. Thank you for your patience.

Fees & Commission

The Titanium Access program was tailored for realtors aspiring to sell pre-construction homes.

At Relokate Brokerage Inc., an affiliate of Future Condos Inc., we deeply appreciate our Agent/Independent Contractors. Our unwavering commitment is to make certain that you are correctly registered in accordance with RECO and Real Estate and Business Brokers Act 2002 (REBBA 2002), regulations throughout our partnership.

We want to reassure you that becoming a Titanium Agent is a straightforward process, merely involving the signing of a Pre-Construction Independent Contractor Agreement and transferring your license to Relokate Brokerage Inc. Once we have successfully received your license transfer, Future Condos Inc. will swiftly unlock and provide access to our powerful platform. Your journey to success begins here.

Commissions: Now, let's dive into the commission structure. As a progressive, technology-driven platform, we're excited to have you on board at Relokate Brokerage Inc. The commission breakdown is clear-cut: Independent Contractors/Agents will receive 70% of the commission, while Relokate Brokerage Inc. receives 30% for providing the valuable support and resources through our AI lead generation platform. It's a partnership where everyone wins.

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