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How do I reserve a unit on Future Condos?
How do I reserve a unit on Future Condos?

Reserve your allocations directly on Future Condos.

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In this short article you will learn how to reserve a unit directly on Future Condos Marketplace

What You'll Learn:

  • Reserving a unit through Future Condos.

  • Why do I need to verify my identity?

  • Difference between Instant reserve and request allocation?

  • What happens after I reserve a unit?

Reserving a unit through Future Condos.

Starting your reservation process is super simple. If you are first time reserving a unit on Future condos, it may take you around 10 mins.

To submit your reservation online, the pre construction project that you are looking to reserve unit at must have "Instant Reserve" side panel.

Next, you're going to select your desired floor plan type like the example above.

  • Once you "select" click on "Check Availability"

  • Now, "select your" desired "floor plan layout"

  • After reviewing every detail about your desired your floor plan layout.

  • Select where you wish your unit to be.

  • Click on continue

  • Fill out your personal information and start by verifying your ID

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